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Fancy Color Sapphires

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Unheated Mogok pastel Sapphires. Impressive unheated Sapphire suite; over 100 cts.


We supply unheated and traditionally heated Fancy Color Sapphires in all color hues: from sweet hot pink to bright yellow and rare Padparadschas.

Untreated pastel Sapphires in all colors are one of our specialties; we provide these bright gemstones as single stones in all sizes, as matched sets and as suites with a fascinating effect of graduated pastel colors.

Contact PILLAR & STONE INTERNATIONAL and you will be stunned by our quality – price relation.


The Ilakaka area in the southern part of Madagascar produces blue, pink and fancy color Sapphires in an amazing variety of colors hues and tones. Like nowhere else in the world lines with full color spectra can be made with natural color Sapphires from one single source.


Pillar & Stone International provides lines and layouts in a remarkably consistent quality of matching color, color gradation, high clarity and precision cut.

The layouts of unheated pink Sapphires show a great color match and the rainbow lines will daze you by their smooth and perfect color gradation without any sharp color jumps. The faceting is carried out with “Swiss meticulousness”. The size, table and crown calibration is very precise within minimum tolerances.

Pillar & Stone International guarantees a continuous delivery of these unheated Sapphires in a constant quality. We provide single stones, pairs, sets and layouts in round diamond cut and princess cut in sizes ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 mm. Larger sizes and oval lines as well as radiant cut can be manufactured upon demand.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for our competitive prices.

Certificates can be delivered on demand. The laboratory costs will be charged additionally



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