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Paraiba Tourmalines

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Roland Schluessel in front of Paraiba Tourmaline crystals. The Da Batalha mine where the first Paraiba Tourmaline have been discovered.
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Hunting for the best Paraiba Tourmaline crystals. Exceptional 13.75 cts. Paraiba Tourmaline next to its rough.

The Paraiba Tourmaline is the most precious and most spectacular among the Tourmaline family and its prices are comparable to those paid for magnificent Colombian Emeralds.

4Its name is more a worldwide accepted commercial term rather than a mineralogical name. Paraiba is a remote area of North-Eastern Brazil where this spectacular gemstone has been discovered in the late 1980s. Paraiba Tourmalines are mined exclusively in a few pegmatite mines within a small area near the border of the states Paraiba and Rio Grande Do Norte and are not found anywhere else in the World.

This astonishing gemstone is a copper and manganese rich Elbaite-Tourmaline which owes its “electric” vibrant color and its exceptional brilliancy to a minute content of copper. Their colors vary between light blue to dark blue and light green to emerald green. The most desirable and most priced color is a vivid turquoise blue. Fine stones over 2 carats are very rare and when they exceed 5 carats they are considered as exceptional rarities worth ten thousands of dollars.

PILLAR & STONE INTERNATIONAL offers a wide selection of this precious gemstone in 0.5 carat to 5 carat sizes.




Best color = Vivid turquoise blue (vibrant “electric” color in daylight and in incandescent light).
Transparency = Transparent.
Brilliancy = Very high; sparkly appearance.
Clarity = Eye clean to heavily included (influences the price strongly)
Hardness = 7 to 7 ½
Toughness = Fair.
Cleavage = None.



Ultrasonic and Steamer = Risky. Caution: never put an included Paraiba Tourmaline into an ultrasonic cleaner.
Warm soapy water: Safe.


Reaction to heat = Strong heat may alter color and sudden temperature changes may cause fracturing.
Reaction to chemicals = None.


Mainly heated. Suother/rface reaching fractures may be filled with oil. The FTC requires complete disclosure of these treatments.


Various assembled stones (doublets and triplets), blue Apatite and irradiated blue Topaz.


Emerald for green color and Apatite for blue color.


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