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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose “all natural” unheated Rubies and Sapphires?

  • Your clientele places maximum value on all natural gemstones that are untreated.
  • In the market, natural unheated Rubies and Sapphires belong to a very small minority. If beautiful they are synonyms of high quality.
  • Exclusivity and rarity are important for your high-end image and solid reputation.

Why should you use “traditionally” heated Rubies and Sapphires without any flux-residues or with insignificant to minor extent of flux-residues?

  • Fine gemstones that have been “traditionally/routinely” heated have their own value. Enhanced by heat, their altered color originates from within the stone’s own potential.
  • Insignificant to minor residues are considered irrelevant to quality. The gemstones can be of fine quality and a disclosure regarding its enhancement is routine. This enhancement is permanent and requires no special handling or care.

Why don’t we offer heat-treated Rubies and Sapphires with prominent/significant flux residues as inclusions?

  • These treated stones are not only enhanced but also partly modified with additional foreign material and synthetic growth. Their appearance and the induced glass-fillings do not result from the stone’s own potential.
  • Rubies and Sapphires with significant flux-residues used to fill and seal surface reaching fissures and cavities are likely to drastically reduce their appearance when re-polished or recut. In addition stones with flux-induced fissures may wear over time: If treated harshly or exposed to strong solvents and abrasives the glass-fillings may deteriorate.
  • Gemstones that have undergone a significant filling treatment are of much lower value. It is misleading not to disclose them as “treated”.



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