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Inclusion Gallery

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16 3
Calcite crystals within a Zambian Emerald, 70x Three-phase inclusion in an Emerald from Colombia, 70x
17 18
Recrystallized fissure in a Ruby from Thailand, 70x Sapphire from Kanschanaburi, Thailand with an included radioactive mineral, 100x
21 22
Unheated Burmese Sapphire with oriented rutile needles (silk), 21x Unheated Ruby from Mogok hosting rutile prisms, 49x
6 23
Healed feather in a Mogok Sapphire, 70x Unheated Sapphire from Kashmir with a tiny crystallite, 70x
24 25
Mineral cluster trapped within an unheated Sapphire from Madagascar, 70x Parallel oriented rutile platelets are a diagnostic feature for unheated Sapphires from Mogok, 70x
26 12
Unheated Sri Lankan Sapphire with unaltered negative crystals, 70x Apatite prisms in a pastel color Sapphire from Mogok Burma, 70x
2 4
An iridescent fluid feather colors the interior of a Spessartite from Tanzania, .63x Colombian Emerald containing an iridescent three-phase inclusion, 100x
1 5
Faceted green Tourmaline with bicolored Tourmaline inclusions, 100x Feather with fluids in a Beryl from Madagascar, 70x.
7 19
Healing feather in a Sapphire from Kanschanaburi Thailand, 70x Spinel octahedron trapped within a Burmese Spinel, 70x
8 9
Malaia Garnet from Tanzania with Rutile needles and Apatite crystals, 22x Mineral inclusion in a faceted Diamond, 105x
10 11
Oriented Rutile needles in a Pyrope Garnet from India, 66x Paraiba Tourmaline with copper platelets, 44x
20 13
Two-phase inclusion in a Zambian Emerald, 100x Phantom formation in a Diamond, 40x
14 15
Reflected olivine crystallites in a Diamond, 70x Rough Diamond with surface structures called Trigons, 40x


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