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Colombian Emeralds are the finest in the world and promoting them on the international market is not a difficult task. But improving the living standard of underprivileged Colombian families in the remote mining area of the Boyaca Province is a challenging project which the owner of a significant Emerald mining company undertakes with faith and perseverance.

To many civilizations and cultures, the emerald green color has a strong meaning. To the Westerners it stands for hope and symbolizes peace.

Yesidh Nieto is a young entrepreneur and main shareholder of the many mines belonging to the La Pita mining enterprise. He develops astonishing concepts with strong social involvement and he realizes his ideas with the help of competent and influential advisers from the business and the local politic scene. His visions have strong revolutionary character in the world of color stone mining and especially in Colombia .

Here are some of his social activities:

  • Constantly improve mining technologies in order to guarantee the miner’s security.
  • Build hospitals for the communities in the area.
  • Build schools to offer a basic education, protect children and families.
  • Avoid violence at the mining site: no alcohol is permitted; all guards are recruited from the professional army and all their firearms are officially registered.
  • Provide productive mining shafts to local charity organizations for free Emerald mining.
  • Exclude participation in activities involving either corruption or drugs.
  • Contribute to the peace process in the area.


Yesidh Nieto believes in directly helping needy communities in order to reach a maximal impact. We experienced personally his generosity. We, at PILLAR & STONE INTERNATIONAL are inspired by these projects as well as astonished by the successful community work that he is accomplishing.

To Westerners, Colombia carries a heavy history from the past 30 years: abandoned children in Bogota , drug trafficking, guerilla wars and kidnappings. The new President’s politics differ significantly from that of his predecessors and the positive results are obvious on both economic and social levels.

Solutions for a better life in Colombia ” is one of our credos. Thus, PILLAR & STONE INTERNATIONAL has decided to trade with Emeralds from this particular Colombian source. Their vivid color, fine clarity and glowing appearance reflect the pure hearted activities of its miners. As a miner told us:

“You don’t find an Emerald... If your heart is pure the Emerald will find you!”


The La Pita - Fura Tena Emerald mining area, Colombia.


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