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Unheated and heated Burmese Rubies and Sapphires, matched pairs, single stones and suites.

Unheated and heated Sapphires and fancy color Sapphires from Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Aquamarines, Paraiba Tourmalines, large suites and rare collector stones.


Our ethical trade activities are in compliance with the current jewelry industry standards and with the U.S. government regulation prohibiting imports of Rubies and Jade of Burmese origin. (See “Block Burmese Jade Act”).

All Rubies and Jade pieces of Burmese origin in stock at PILLAR & STONE INTERNATIONAL have been officially imported previous to September 27, 2008 and have been cut outside Myanmar.

At PILLAR & STONE INTERNATIONAL we value ethical trade practices and the moral consciousness of our clients. For any questions regarding our products, please contact us.

Upon request, we manufacture exclusive pieces/collections of gemstone-jewelry specially for your needs.


Full disclosure of “all natural” or enhanced gemstones we offer for sale, in addition to the AGTA codes.

Written disclosure using a grading scale exclusively developed by Pillar & Stone International to help our clients make the right choice when buying Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds.

See the Pillar & Stone International Disclosure Scale to inform your clients about the properties of each gemstone and about the types and degrees of enhancements.


We can custom cut stones for your precise needs, and we use internationally recognized certification.

No request is too small or too large; we have a G.G. and F.G.A. on staff to assist in all your gemstone requests.

We have strict guidelines for our gemstones, as well as respect for our customers, we believe in only the highest level of customer service.


Please visit us at
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Pillar & Stone International welcomes you to preview our fine gemstone collection.

Our global network delivers the highest quality and best value for your unique gemstone needs.

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